Swallowtail Light

Swallowtail Light
Swallowtail Light: video still


2010 - present: Interpretive Languages 2010-11 (CSEA) with Boyd White (McGill), Austin Clarkson (York U. ret.) and Phillip Rostek (Pittsburg, ret.). Research on teaching and learning using interpretation as an integral part of art education practice. Recent work juxtaposes the use of biography, empathy and aesthetics in classroom practice.
2007- present: Trans/gressive pedagogy (in process) - OISE/University of Toronto. Performance: The Body grotesque as trans/gressive site/sight, Memorial University (2008); Performing Trans/gressive Pedagogy for Lesley University (2007), UAAC conference (2007), gender/TROUBLING for Ontario College of Art and Design (XPACE) (2008), Rethinking a Trans-abled aesthetic paradigm? CSEA (2011), OCAD University, (2010).
2006 - present: Performance as Pedagogy: Exploring performance as a site/strategy for learning research and curricking. The High End of the Experiential: Grounding Performance Pedagogy. Performance Pedagogy Symposium, OCAD University (2010); Pause and play: is this the “um” in curriculum? Centre for Arts- Informed Research, OISE University of Toronto & University of Victoria (2006); Dioramas in the "flesh": Performing (as) feminist pedagogy for women and health, Pauline Jewett Institute for Women’s Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa.
2001-present:  The Rhetoric of the Body. Research which addresses the body as site for research and interpretation for study of disability & chronic illness through performance as educational strategy. Chaired panel for UAAC (2003): Women and Performance: Praxis and Pedagogy, Body as Site (Sight) for Goddard College, Vermont (2003) & 7A*11D International Performance Festival, Toronto; Body as Insight/site (2004), Trent University; Bodysight: A Reclamation Project, Goddard (2004); Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out Organs ? FADO, Xpace Gallery, Toronto (2008); Lighthouse (a series), Aceartinc, PlugIn ICA (Winnipeg), DeLeon White, Gibralter Point (Toronto) (2009); Swallowtail Light, Glenora Crossing, LATE (2010), Squat (2011/12).