Swallowtail Light

Swallowtail Light
Swallowtail Light: video still

Performance Art

I practice my art, as my life, from the location of woman -- white, almost middle-class, middle-aged, single mother with a disability.  I use the specific experiences of this location to inform, disrupt or challenge not only the accepted or “normalized” image of Western white woman, but the traditional formal concerns of art.  In doing so, I hope to embrace a more inclusive process for living and art making.

The forms I choose to use in my work are suited to this process.  My performances, mixed media installations and videos, while they are at first glance clean, sometimes minimal and formally structured, do, in fact, contain many personal and specific images or texts.  My intention is to discuss how women have been/are being formed and to reveal our attempts to negotiate or resist this formation.  The tension in the work is between the personal/subjective and the formal/objective, which raises questions for me as the nature of feminist research practices, feminist art practices, and women’s evolving roles as workers, negotiators, and survivors in a Western technological society.

The works range from performances such as Body as Site ( Sight) which negotiates the deconstruction of a museum interpreter’s role, to installations such as A Birth Project which discusses my daughter’s birth within the larger issues surrounding the legalization of midwifery care in Ontario. Recent work, such as Travelling and A Cellu(H)er Resistence: A Body with/out Organs? explore the challenges and rewards of negotiating other “worlds” and the body-as-terrain as a person with a disability and cancer.

Performing as ARTIFACTS with Leena Raudvee at A Space  June 2012. (pic by Miklos Legrady)


ARTIFACTS with Leena Raudvee 

Solo work:

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Cellu(h)er Resistance residency image